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The Vanguard system is notably the first of its kind, and currently operates at the O2 arena, Greenwich, Kings College London and Centrica Plc’s portfolio of offices.

Learn more about the implementations we’ve conducted for these leading organisations as we recount our experiences below.

AEG is one of the leading providers of live entertainment in the world and owns the O2 Arena, London, the most advanced entertainment destination in the UK, featuring a 20,000 seat Arena, nightclubs, an exhibition centre and restaurants, with more than 30,000 people regularly passing through the venue.

Ventilation systems are a key element of the O2, not only for air supply and extraction, but also for kitchen extract systems where fire prevention is a priority requirement throughout the O2. The monitoring of the condition of ventilation systems is a difficult and time consuming area to control, as the systems are extensive and are usually out of sight with difficult access issues.

The Vanguard sensor is a unique solution to these issues that have been installed to provide a low cost, automated method of monitoring the kitchen extract systems throughout the venue, and is a significant advantage in ensuring that the systems are compliant at all times. Having seen the performance of the sensors, they are now also installed into the air ventilation systems.

In the future, the sensors have been specified to be incorporated into the next development phase at the O2 as part of our drive to reduce costs through only incurring maintenance costs as necessary, but without compromising compliance. Other venues within the AEG Europe are also looking at the performance of the sensors.

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Centrica have positioned themselves as one of the country’s leaders in energy management and as such have taken the decision to ensure they manage the energy used within their buildings which then goes into their customer facing marketing approach.

Over the past 4 years they have constantly reduced their energy consumption year on year through the use of technology, and have developed a system of remote monitoring all of the major plant and equipment using technology such as:-

  • Shock Pulse monitoring of all bearings
  • Gas Flue analysis
  • Differential pressures within A/C units
  • High and Low voltage panel monitoring through temperature sensors

Vanguard is now being used to assist in the overall management of the sites. The system has been installed within the air ducting systems throughout the estate to measure the level of cleanliness within the system to assist in the measurement of the air quality within the environments. The system is now part of Centrica’s overall strategy of developing their mission statement “Buildings that can talk”.

Maintenance reduction has been achieved by the install of the new Vanguard system in that it will illuminate the need to employ a contractor to inspect the systems on a regular basis, as debris build up will depend on the system and where the building is in relation to its demographic position, i.e. Rural or City. This will reduce maintenance costs, energy costs and increase the ability to guarantee air quality within the building which has been checked and to a standard which ensures they comply with all legislation and codes of practice.

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The Vanguard system can be tailored to any space and setup required, providing an unrivalled level of flexibility and effectiveness to the sites we operate in.

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